Thursday, 11 April 2013

Paying it forward

A while ago, wheatfran on Ravelry sent me much more yarn than I paid her for so I would have enough of one dye lot to make a very very nice Bridgewater shawl.

And today, I can finally settle that cosmic debt of kindness.  

I was contacted on Ravelry by a lady who was looking for a little bit of Louet Mooi, the yarn I made this lovely shawl from.  

I'll post the unfinished picture first.  It shows off the marvelous drapey quality that Mooi has.  It was such a stunning yarn.

  And in all its glory.  Its Icicles Shawl from Susanna IC.  Anyway, The raveler is 5 rows shy of her shawl and is out of yarn.

As anybody knows who has ever been out of yarn on a very pretty project with that much to go...a little part of you want to curl up in a corner and wither away when that happens.  With Ravelry, we can see who else may once have had some of this precious, now discontinued yarn and maybe ask.  So she did.  

She didn't have to hardly ask.  I worry about running out of yarn to the point of obsession.  I checked if there was a source midway through knitting that pretty shawl because I worried that I would run out.  There isn't any.  Anywhere.  I knew exactly what she was up against.

And once asked, I knew that I had to send her the yarn.  I couldn't remember how much I had, but it seems I left notes.  I had about a third of a ball, according to my notes. And I do.  24 grams to be very postal scale precise. I recall thinking that a pretty little lace scarf, some small neck thing could happen with what I had left.  

This is so much better.  I get to contribute to someone else's delight and that  pleases me much more than a small something for me.  

So Debilla, it's on its way to you today.  Enjoy it.  WheatFran's kindness moves forward.  I love this about knitters.

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Sel and Poivre said...

What a fabulous story! I love that about knitters too!