Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ta Da A Finished Object!

Ta Da One finished object.

It doesn't look all that impressive lying down on the counter like that, does it?  If I had a model or a photographer handy.  I can just see what people here would think if I said, hey could you model my knitting?  Yeah.  Not cool. But the project  is cool and you are just going to have to trust me.  The ribs open up perfectly when you wear it on your head and the rest sits thick and layerd around your neck.

I cast on 220 stitches so it is nice and long when worn wrapped once, to the waist, and hangs nicely down to chest level when wrapped.  You might even be able to wear it wrapped twice.  I only knit and switched directions ever 5th row.  Sort of.  Technically the change happened on the 4th row knit but as I was counting knit stitches, I switched when there were 4 v's below the stitch just made on the needle, so 5 rows of knitting.  When I reached my marker, I wrapped and reversed directions.  All knit stitches, no picking up of the wraps.  Perfect relief knitting under any circumstances.

 I find it really interesting that the green ribs all showed up on one side.  To me, that means I found one of the yarns sweet spots, that place where like keeps happening on top of itself.  If I blocked it, you could see the effect even better.  But I didn't yet.  This is after all, the blog with bad finished object photos!

But the blocking table was full with one of the blocking pile projects.  But I'll tell you about that tomorrow.  No sense wasting another good days post!

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Sandra said...

love this! I really like the fact the green went to one side and the pink to the other - very cool!