Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Dilemma

I don't know why but the spelling of that word looks off to me.  Yes it is going to be one of those days.  

Those days are days where I question everything I do and think and decide and try and it really wastes my time.  If they were big important thought, I could handle it, but these are little thoughts, thoughts about things I am going to work on this weekend.  Foolish things.

The problem is that this weekend is the 2nd Annual (I hope) Strawberry Creek Knitting retreat and I have to sort out what I am taking with me.  I'm sure you remember last year.  I think I am in exactly the same place as last year when deciding what to pack.  

I just caught myself thinking I would pack that same very large bag of yarn!

The knitting isn't too hard to sort out.  I must finish the scarf/shawl for my friend.  That is an obligation for a kind soul who did me favour that I greatly value. Its taking much longer than I thought it would to get the main part done and I am just a tiny bit disappointed in that.  I just haven't been knitting enough, lately.  I've been slugabed and can't seem to adjust to the time change.    

No, the knitting in my bag is what I will take.  Paulette's scarf, The two pairs of socks I've been dabbling on and if I really need a break, I will toss in one project of long standing that I really want to finish.  My Clapotis.  My poor poor Clapotis.  I started it in 2010 and it has been sitting at half done for for far too long, so Clapotis will be relief knitting. One ball of sock yarn shouldn't take so long to knit up. (Maybe it is the bamboo in it?)

The real dilemma is to spin.  That pretty little wheel is coming with me.  I am quite comfortable working with her, and really like what is happening with the Shetland I pulled out to play with.  The real question is what do I want to spin?  

I was going to take the shetland and just keep working with that.  Eventually I do want to spin it all up, but I purchased thjese sades of Shetland with an eye to a handspun gradient colour shawl in all the colours of shetland that I could find.  I think, if you're working on something like that, it might be nicer to spin as you go.  

There are a lot of other nice things in my fiber stash.  I have  plenty of Blue Face Leicester, several pounds of Merino, some Finn, some Gotland, a bunch of other stuff all in nicely combed tops.  I have a little linen blend, and some Black Diamond fibre as well as some corn fibre and some delicious alpaca and silk blends.  Oh and a bunch of silk hankies that one day will be something wonderful.

There really is tons.  All of it natural colours.

See that is the things about my very large stash.  The very vast majority of it is plain natural animal colours.  I have very little dyed fibre.  I have a thing for the natural colours.  Their warm earth loving heart appeals to the ever so easily overstaurated me.

Still, I am thinking that this weekend, I would rather be playing a little with something dyed.  I do have a couple of very nice things.  A wonderful green thing from a lady in Abbotsford, some white with shiny stuff  from Aurelia and a small herd of a particular colourway from Louet.  I think.  There might be a few other balls and good things in that case.  Its been a while.  I really ought to know my fiber stash better than this.   

Tonight, I will have to decide.  And pack.  And do Laundry.  Yeah, but for the fact that I am taking spinning, it sounds just like last year. Silly me.  Someday I will learn.

Or not.

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Sandra said...

I'm about to start a project for a friend that, while hasn't done me any favours lately (other than being my friend), is going through her own personal hell, and could use a pick-me-up. A skein of beautiful blues (her favourites) picked up at Knit Nite last night, and a run through Ravelry this morning has given me options - Arroyo? (my choice, but wrong weight) Ruisseau? Feather and Fan? Dwsert Spring Scarf? Beads or no beads? Scarf or Cowl? Hmm...