Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Once Again

Do you ever just want to take  yourself aside and sew your head on a little more firmly so you don't leave that at home too?  That is the problem with this whole work for a living thing. You have to leave the place where you keep all the stuff and go places for a whole day, so you are forced to take stuff along.  Only you forget it.  

I left my finished project at home again today.  I also left the sock I am mostly working on at home too.  But that is OK.  I have other knitting.  I always have other knitting.  Unfortunately no finished project disscussion.  I also forgot some stuff that I had to bring to town for one of my guys.  I swear to you, this is why I do not have a cell phone.  I would only forget it.

I can usually tell if I have to take stuff by the size of my bag.  If it looks like I can hardly carry the thing or that I need another bag for the overflow, I most likely have all my stuff...and a little more.  This bag is full.  So what the heck is in there if I have forgot all my stuff?  

Well left to right, my friends scarf which is my principle work, though I haven't had hardly any time to work on it it seems, and that nice orange sock stuff is the socks I knit as my granddaughter was born and am still working on when I get the chance and need plain knitting. (This is part of the family sock project where this pair is for momma, and the black pair I left at home today is for pappa and baby's will be a combination of both yarns.) Only 2 projects?  Scary.  

And then there seems to be a bunch of yarn.  Now how did that happen?  

Oh you know...if you leave a bag alone in a yarn store, the stuff just magically forms from the fluff in the air.  There are two dark sock colours, a navy and a grey, specifically to act as background for some colourwork socks I want to do after the family sock project is done.  Somehow I don't seem to have any of the right combinations when I look at stuff at home so I have been doing a little judicious down the road purchasing here.  

The white cotton is for something that has come up rather suddenly.  My nephew who lives just down the road has two little gaffers and the two little gaffers have a brand new puppet theatre.  Unfortunately they have no puppets, so stuffies and farm animals and everything else is acting as a puppet.  I decided to knit some for them.  

There is also the purse stuff.  The fat looking wallet.  (It is time to clean out receipts again.)  The bag of essential knitting tools. Hair brush.  You know.  Purse stuff.  

It was all this extra yarn masking itself as knitting that led me to think I had everything when I left this morning.  Had that bag been empty I swear I would have been hyperventilating at the saggy sides and would have gone looking for the missing stuff.

I love big bags that can do it all, but it doesn't work if you don't keep your stuff in it.  Or fill it with stuff that takes the place of your stuff.  Well you know.  


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