Friday, 22 February 2013

Pondering the green

OK, so here you have it.  Though I have thought of a few more hiding in the glass cabinet (it is stuffed) this is the bulk of the greens that I have in my stash and these are the yarns that my friend will choose from.  

Some are only small quantities, such as the Mini Moochi.  There isn't enough there to do what she wants by itself, but if you did the biggest part on one of the plain greens just above it in the picture, or the teal blue green just to the side, and used the multi Mini Moochi to trim it?  Smashing.

There is a rich green teal copper multi of Socks That Rock there.  I have a couple balls about that size, so there should be plenty for whatever she would like.  Same goes for the BFL 2/8 Fleece Artist multi on the other side.  Lots if that is what she chooses.  The chunky Big Delight is right at the edge of the picture, though it has less green in it than I had hoped. Still, It would make a lovely hooded scarf I I used the same stitch that is used on the honeycomb cowl.

If I was choosing for her, I would use that large cake of BFL 2/8 at the top of the picture, or the dark green smaller cone to the other side.  Both of these, done in a small scale lace pattern, would be warm for winter, but stunning.  I have lots of both, so I could make it wide enough that she could use it as stole for fancy events, or go scarf like, with buttons up the back to make it hood (think Wisp).  The BFL is a much finer yarn, softer and more delicate than the other green with better drape.  It would lay so fine and delicate on her dark hair.  The other green is a little sturdier, a little less soft but would still do an admirable job.  Its not that it wouldn't drape, it just that it is a more substantial yarn and that little difference in weight makes for a very subtle difference.

The large cone of pale green is the yarn I used for that lovely and very large Fir Cone Shetland style shawl that was for my daughter's grandmother in Ukraine.  There is enough for almost another shawl, certainly for what my friend is looking for.  It takes a lot of washing to get all the oil used for weaving out of it, but it is oh so very worth it in the end.  And yes, Grandma really likes it.  

Hiding all about the picture are all sorts of yummy things.  Some Misti Alpaca Baby Suri Silk, some fine sock yarn, some serviceable DK, a little seafoamy coloured easy care yarn.  Just a little bit of everything for every green moment life could bring.

What is distressingly absent is the yarn I ordered and was waiting for last week.  When it arrived, one of the two had almost no greens in it, just a teal, a nice teal, to be sure, but most of it was brown, and the other  seemed to have a rather disheartening shade gray as its strongest colour.  So it goes when you buy online. It is very nice yarn though and with 600 metres of each, there is sure to be something nice that will come of them.  

I have a chunky forest green still hiding in the stash that I forgot to pull a skein from, and some Mission Falls 1824 Wool in the deepest almost black green you can imagine to add to this.  There is a Blue Green Madelinetosh, but that yarn is a little special to me (as are some of these others) but one of those will go in there too.  If you put your stash at the disposal of others and are giving them their choice from all that you have, it really should be all the green that you have.  I have so much, so many lovely things, and if half the fun of it is knitting it, surely the other half is giving it to someone who will appreciate is so much as I know my friend will.

This feels like an adventure, waiting to see what she will pick.  I can't wait!

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Brendaknits said...

For me, the tonal green cone or perhaps the natural coloured cone next to it.