Monday, 25 February 2013

Early Bird.

Am blogging from portable device.  Am lazy.  Not using full sentences.  Might not be using real words.    Coffee will be part of solution. 

More later.  OK, it is much later.

That is the way my day started.  At 3 a.m.  Mr Needles is off to his golf week in sunny Palm Springs, and I got up to make him coffee.  There was not enough coffee to make me coherent. I hope there is enough to get me through the work day.

I did finish a few things this weekend.  I took pictures, but my camera is at home. Without photos, talking about the projects is well, it leaves me blank for tomorrow and since I have already been blank...

I will talk about something new I started.  It's a tester project of sorts, and it is completely possible that I will be batty before the project is done.

My dining table is in desperate need of some new table linens.  My last large tablecloth has shrunk and now fits the table, leaf out about as nicely as I could ask for.  The small tablecloth, which used to fit the leaf out table, has also shrunk and wouldn't fit a fly.  I have several sets of place mats, but the are old or stained or simply in an awful state of repair.

I have a bunch of cotton, simple dishcloth type cotton, in a very pretty cream with spots of hunter green, rust and gold in it, that I bought for table linens.  I thought I would be weaving them, but so far, well, the loom is narrower than I want for table linens.

I thought I might try one place mat in a linen stitch knit and then shrink it down and see what happens.  I'm doing it the way my friend talked about, in the round with the stitches between the 2 ends done in ribbing.  I worked on it in the very few spare hours I had yesterday, and it looks great, though, like all linen stitch, it is slow.

The real question is, if it works, will I like it enough to knit 7 or 9 more so my whole table is done.  Will I want to knit a runner to compliment it?  Will all that linen stitch drive me nuts.  Or should I just pull out the knitting machine, and do stockinette centers and border them with a hand knit easy lace?  Or should I do both.

These are the questions of the day.   I have 8 of the large cotton skeins, yes the really big ones, so I am fairly certain, I am not going to run out of yarn.


Sandra said...

coffee good.

Brendaknits said...

A hubby's golf week means lots of knitting time.

Sandra said...

I have the answer to one of those questions as it pertains to me...
That much linen stitch would drive me bonkers. But that's me...