Thursday, 21 February 2013

Good morning To Me!

Now if only I can stay awake.  It is one of those 'there isn't enough coffee in the world' days.  

I committed a major faux pas yesterday and I really disappointed someone.

My friend Paulette, a lovely lady did me a favour, and in trade, I am going to knit her something.  She said she wanted a scarf, the sort you could make into a hood.  In further conversation she also said she loves flowers.  I'm starting to think she might like something a little lacier than I first thought.

I have an idea of what I would like to make for her.  I think she would like it, and I know I have a yarn that would work absolutely perfectly, but I gave her the chance to pick her yarn from my vast collection of greens. Her yarn choice will influence the pattern choice a little I think.   

In the stash dive of last weekend, one of my goals was to pull out all my lovely greens.  I have a sample of most of them pulled and my faux pas of yesterday was that they did not make it to my car so she could choose at knitting last night.  

She was really disappointed and I am sorry for that.  Its a bit of a bummer for me too, because by the time this weekend comes, the stuff I am working on will be done, and my fingers are itchy for something pretty and new.  I was also looking forward to knitting on this while Mr. Needles is off golfing next week, no dinners to cook, no dishes, ok, less dishes, just less than usual fuss and bother.  I was kind of looking forward to a new project to go along with it.  

Anyway, tomorrow, when I am really organized, I will put up some pictures of all the green in my stash. Well, almost all.  I just realized I forgot two different ones that I wanted to grab from the cabinet.  So much yarn, so little time. 

PS, all the pretty colourwork is done.  It worked out really nicely.  The under hem is done, so all I need now are some sleeves and a little finishing. And that lovely Noro small shawl.  Working it, just zipping along.  Ought to be done by the weekend too.


Sandra said...

I have a less fuss and bother weekend coming up - the husband is away, so it's just the boy and I. Still a fair quantity of food to make (or send out for...), since he's a bottomless pit of a 14 year old, but still less work. I'm planning a pattern dive and organize.

Brendaknits said...

Tell Papulette there is no such thing as a bad green. Any one will be perfect, I'm sure.