Thursday, 24 January 2013



That kind of says it all about my knitting day yesterday.  My troubles were looking like they were here to stay...unless I ripped it out.  

Somewhere back at the start of the day, I knit-purled a knit row or I purled where I ought to have knit or I knit where I ought to have purled.  I do not know, but all of a sudden, instead of this lovely and very simple texture I had columns.  Pretty ones mind, but columns where columns were just not meant to be.  Columns that were outstanding in my field of lovely not columns.  

I had to rip back about an inch and a half.  I'll reknit it today.  I'm sure it won't take long.  Just a day.  

Oh well.  I believe in yesterday, but I believe in tomorrow too.

PS:  For reader Ann,  its ST. Denis Boreale.  Delightful, yummy, sound wool.

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