Wednesday, 23 January 2013

We are back!

As I went to sleep last night that was my last thought.  Yes.  We are back.  

I knit at lunch yesterday, and then a little at the end of the day and again in the evening.  I'm very pleased so far.  

The needle is a 32 inch one, and I am pretty happy to see that it is almost as wide as the tips.  Good work for the day.  

I love knitting with this yarn.  I have a fair bit in stock now, but this is the first that I have actually worked with it.  I will be very sorry when it is gone.  It has the lovliest wooliest hand.  Yes I know it is spun worsted, but it has an unexpected loft to it that you cannot see in its well heeled balls from the warehouse.  It is just so much more than I expected.  (The yarn is St. Denis Boreale)

 I am content and cannot wait to get this goodness wrapped around me.  

I am also liking the pattern a lot.  I like the pattern, but I like knitting it even more than I supposed.  Sometimes I worry that a texture pattern will not perform but this is almost better.  It's just a pleasing little do this on every right side row and then do this or this, but whatever, the job is to make your center increases into purled stitches on the next row.  Easy Peasy.  Ish.

This is easy knitting but it isn't park your brain here knitting.  I like that.  The doctor couldn't have ordered anything better right now.  

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Ann said...

So what yarn are you using for this shawl? Curious minds want to know!