Friday, 25 January 2013

Stretchy wool

I am having just the grandest time working on this shawl.  I absolutely love Boreale yarn.  Just a shame to see it go.  Ah well.

Each stitch you work with this yarn you are aware of one primary thing.  This yarn has a life of its own.  It has the most amazing stretch and then it goes back exactly how it is supposed to be.  It has manners and doesn't stretch till you call on that capability.

I can see why users love it for colour work.  Its grabby in just the right way, without being clingy.  It holds its place and doesn't demand attention every moment.  Its sits and waits.

I'm almost to the end of the first ball.  I'll work most of the second, and then will see how I feel about the size.  This shawl has an infinite number of possibilities for size so I will play till I get just the right width and then will work the points (the registration marks that indicated the size of the blanket) and the edging in those so familiar colours.  

I will wear it in memory of the time I broke into Fort Carlton. With the bus driver and some other kids.  There are some things from your youth that just make you blush and laugh at the memory even all these years later.    

Here is a link to an interesting site with information about Point blankets.  Enjoy.

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