Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Resumption of Normal?

Why yes I do believe so.  There seems to be no lingering after effects but for a bit of a cough, and some lingering tiredness, which a few more nights of good sleep ought to take care of.  This morning I felt like knitting.  

I picked up the sleeve, which I had not quite made it to yesterday, and pulled it back.  

I did a little math, and prepared to set up for re-working the sleeve.  And then realized that my arms were shaking with the effort to hold that fairly large piece of knitting up to work on it.  

I put it all back in its very large project bag.  Sigh.  I'm not quite ready for the sleeves it seems.  

My hands were itchy.  I looked at the shawl, I swear by all that is holy, my hands were reaching for the Bridgewater, but they accidentally touched a different bag and before you know it...

this happened.  And I am going to keep making it happen till the Point texture pattern gets into my head or till the shawl is done.  

I really wanted to get one thing done, sweater or shawl, before I let me be tempted with something new, but it will all get done sometime and right now, I just needed a little something different.

The black socks were pretty good, but this depth of lassitude required bigger guns. And Point is, after all, much bigger guns. 

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