Friday, 11 January 2013

If there was a way.

If there was a way to go back to bed this morning, I would.  Because I woke up Miss Grumpy Pants and on getting to work, my grumpy has not improved.  Why I thought wading back into a toxic atmosphere was something I needed to do was quite beyond me.   Plus, with all the extra volume of reading, I have had a headache since last Thursday.  Or maybe my headache is just making me interpret this world as one giant toxic place.  Yes, I do believe that is probable, indeed, most likely.   Okay, fine.  Its me, it's all me, hoisting my own petard.  But what is it here that makes it so?  It always seems to be here.  Well, I do know the answer and it isn't just me.

Okay enough of that.  On to much better and brighter things.  

Knitting has brought me some very dear friends.  Today is one of my most favourite knitter's birthday. Flood her blog with Birthday wishes!!!!

She introduced me to Icelandic yarn and she is the one that brought back that lovely red Einband for me from Iceland.

Which reminds me that I really ought to block that shawl.  I would so love to be wearing it.  Well, I guess that takes care of my weekend.  You know what I am going to be doing.  I shall be blocking, blocking, blocking.  

See I knew that if I thought about good people and good yarn and knitting, I would feel better. 

Would you look at that.  There is a way after all.

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Christine said...

Awww, shucks! What a lovely surprise to find all those comments on my blog today, and to see your kind words. You are the most wonderful of friends, and one of the most patient, accepting, encouraging and helpful people I know.