Thursday, 10 January 2013

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It is January and January means NaJuReMoNoMo, National Just Read More Novels Month.  I have a long list that I wanted to read and I had hoped to really up my personal total this year.  

I had a nice list of books at the start.  

Hungers Bride - P Anderson but only the Sor Juana part. That is a book in itself.

The Historian - E Kostova, long held, still not read.

A Complicated Kindness - M Toews same same.

Secret Daughter - S Gowda, found hiding on the bookcase. Must read.

The Ship - CS Forester, bought for the inscriptions, Picard, Liverpool Eng, June 1943 and then to HD Davidson 4th RCNVR, HMCS Chambly.

Howards End - EM Forester, which I did not get to last year.

These all came off the bookshelf that is just behind where I sit to knit and though I am working on it, it isn't going so well.

I started with the Ship.  I thought I could plow through it, but there has been so much reading at work, that I'm finding it impossible to read at the end of the day. It is a lovely book though.  A study of the character of each man during a single day's battle in the Mediterranean in World War II.  It is small and intimate and grand in scale in one small novel. I am honoured to give this novel a home in my library, considering the hands who owned it, more or less lived it. I have only a very little to go.

I decided that audio books would be my knitting reading.  I started Anna Karenina and though I like the reader, I confess, I get a little fed up with the story.  Maybe another time.  I was having a lot more fun with Don Quixote, but alas, I started that in November so it can't qualify for this January challenge.  I am going to have to do a little searching through the long list at Librivox to find something else audio and free.  Good thing the list is very very long!

I downloaded a detective novel yesterday, a writer whose detective knits.  Miss Silver is a retired governess, which I would suppose would give all the understanding of human nature a good detective requires.  Or something like that.  Anyway a good British mystery with a knitter?  I am in.

But I left that at home on my Playbook. I won't be starting it today.  Sigh.

I tossed another of the novels on my list in my bag as I left.  Secret Daughter by Shilpi Gowda.  I suspect this is where you will find me at lunch time for the next while.

Such is the state of my reading list right now.  I am a little dissatisfied with that state and I ought to stop being such a pansy about it.  I think I am waiting for the story, any story, to capture me and sweep me off my feet.

But that could be under the very next cover.  'Adventure is out there'*.  That is what I like about reading.  You never know where you are about to go without ever leaving your best chair.

* UP, 2009 Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios.

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