Monday, 14 January 2013

A Big Bag Full of Yum

My birthday yarn arrived on Friday.  What a lovely way to start the weekend.  

A great big bag full of yummy colours, shown here in a pile of 1 of each.  

The really cool thing is, that without having any but a little bit of yarn to go by, I managed to pick exactly the right colours for what I have planned. The primary red, yellow, green and blue in the base of creamy goodness are exactly Point Blanket colours, perfect for the Point shawl.  

And the more brilliant green, blue, orange-red and yellow with a little help from the remainders of the red in a ground of navy, are exactly the right colours for the Leftie shawl.  

I had to empty out a pretty basket to bask in their prettiness all weekend.  But I did not knit them.  I tried to be virtuous and stuck with the things I have.

Which did not go so well.  I tried on the sweater and the sleeve is awful.  Much too large.  Back to my scrap of paper that stand as my notes, my gauge was taken in the ribbed section.  Sigh.  I am supposed to rib my sleeve.  So I tucked that back into the bag.

I worked on my Bridgewater shawl.  I had dropped a stitch the other day and it was way down, way, way down.  I caught it with a pin as soon as I saw it, but knew it was going to be a bugger to reknit, since so many rows, 18 rows, had been knit without the benefit of that stitch being there.  I did fix it by dropping a stitch on either side and knitting all 3 back up, but it kind of soured me on knitting on it.  I ended up switching to a sock.  

Where I had excellent results!

1 pair ready for the bucket.  I dug out my other ongoing pairs and that is what I worked on on the weekend.  

I dug through the sock stash trying to sort out a few sock yarns I want to knit with this year.  Mr. Needles gets heavy rotation here early in the year, so there is a lot of rather manly looking yarn, but there are a few bright fun things to play with too.  

I didn't quite get to blocking.  To get to blocking, I'd have to get to the blocking tiles in the laundry room and they are currently buried behind a few Christmas boxes, the big ones.

Its really a bummer when your helper and lifter to the high shelves guy is hobbled. Soon enough done and the blocking will happen then.  For now I am going to concentrate on finishing the sweater, even if I have to rip the sleeve again, and the shawl, because I love them too.  I am going to roar through these so that I can knit with my pretty bag full of YUM yarn.  

Oh yes, that bag full of yum came to me from St. Denis Yarns, priced right now at a supremely good price to help clear out Veronique's stock as she moves on to be part of the Brooklyn Tweed in house design team.


Brendaknits said...

Leftie is in queue too. I love it. Look forward to seeing yours.

Sandra said...

Big bag of Yum indeed! THose colours do seem perfect for the Point shawl, as only another Canadian can verify!