Thursday, 31 January 2013

I could have cried.

The one thing, the absolute single thing about knitting this shawl is making the texture pattern right.  That little texture pattern is what makes the shawl fun to knit and makes the whole project so much more than ordinary.  

Yet it is irritating.  I watched so darn carefully and yet, last night when I was showing it to the ladies at knitting, what do I spy?

 A section of columns.  Sigh.  Could have cried.  Tried not to.  The debate is on. Do I drop or pull back and fix it?  Will anyone but me see this partial row error?  Will it be the only thing I see.

It is in a cream section just after the last row with the little intarsia point element. If I did not want to drop down, I suppose I could pull back the first row of the cream, afterthought style, and fix the row and then graft it all back in order.  But man that would be a pain too.

I am going to think about it today.  I'll keep knitting and see if it bothers me.
So here you go, the post noticing the error yellow rows.

It is such a simple thing and yet, it just tickles my fancy. 

Christine had an idea in yesterdays comments about felting the squares together using a big mattress and the fancy clover tool.  That may actually work.  It goes faster than you think and I do have a foam mattress that will, I dearly hope, be getting replaced next summer.  All I need is a Clover tool and some needles.  Well worth thinking about.


Brendaknits said...

I am enjoying your posting about the HBC point blanket-ness of your work. And thanks for the pointe blanket link. What did you decide to do about the error?

christine said...

I am so glad you liked my suggestion! Dry felting just seems easier in this case than wet. Too bad your car doesn't have enough room to transport the foam mattress to our retreat in the spring. What fun we could all have!!