Wednesday, 30 January 2013


OK, I've thawed a bit.  Either that or I am getting used to the very cold.  Its probably the second.  That would be the Canadian way.

When I last talked to you about knitting, I was talking a bit about the colours of the stripe on a Hudsons Bay Company Point Blanket.  One of the ladies I knit with left a Rav message for me and offered to bring her blanket so I could decide.  I trust her word.  She says not black, but not royal blue.  So, I'm going to go with the navy.  It takes so little of each of the colours that what I use here, won't be missed at all on Leftie.

The St. Denis colours really are perfect for this shawl.  Each one comes up so very very right.  Just the perfect HBC colours.

I could be inspired to knit a sweater like this.  The texture pattern would make a really great sweater.  Something belted, like the coats made out of the Point blankets were, fairly long below the waist, with the stripes at the bottom, and at the end of each sleeves.  A nice wide cape like hood too.  Probably ought to be a little heavier yarn, though to keep the look authentic.  I don't know if Nordique is heavy enough.  This may be a job for Briggs and Little!

Wouldn't that be something though?

For Sandra, don't think I haven't thought about it.  The batts I have are thick, much much thicker than what grandma and Auntie Lorraine used to use from their hand cards.  Theirs were thing and they used 3 layers forming a solid covering of wool.  These are thick and more than one would be much too much.  But felted, inside a duvet.  I can see it, but how do I get a nice stable something to felt it?  I have thought about rollers, the old fashioned laundry kind and thought they might work, but they cost a fair penny if you can find some. I've even debated doing it the really old fashioned by the foot method.   If I had a party of people and supplied beer and wine?  hahaha Yeah.  Me either.


Sandra said...

If I lived closer, and you supplied the wine, I'd help you felt it!!
But your sweater idea - I HAVE to do this! A wrap cardigan, hip length in the colours of the Hudson Bay Blanket? How perfect! And B+L will be the way to go... Now I have to check out my supplies and see what I need to order from B+L...

Christine said...

How about laying the batts out on a foam mattress and stabbing them repeatedly with one of those big Clover needle felting thingies (that have multiple needles on them). It would take a while, but you'd have a lot of control, plus stabbing felting needles is so therapeutic. Just don't do it on a waterbed!