Friday, 1 February 2013

Instead of knitting

Instead of knitting, I once again, find myself contemplating knitting.  This does not get one very far ahead with ones WIP pile, but it does enormous good for the soul.

As you know, I have a lovely stash of Sandnes Garn Tove  - all the almost non colours, the ones most like natural sheep colours.  These are my most treasured yarns of all.  I know that eventually I must use it up.  It would be foolish not to consider knitting with it ever, but the challenge of finding worthwhile projects is almost too much.

I know one design that I would consider 'Toveable'.  All the Shades of Truth  is the first.  As much as I like laces, I love this type of colour play and gareter stitch  even more.  This one is probably going to be the very first stole I make.  

Unless I fall into making the long loved, much desired Forest Path Stole.  You never know.  That may just happen.  Oops, a small digression.  Do forgive.

Anyway, this morning I was contemplating the very precious Loft yarn I have in my posession.  It suits my mood for yummy homey feeling yarns.  I was looking at projects and came across this.  Quill, not the plain one, the multi colour one.  Such soft tones, such lyrical colours.  Oh how I want this.  Tovable.  Possibly.  Quite possibly.  

It needs a fair number of colours to get that soft gradation.  I think I am short one colour.  I will have to do some colour play and perhaps swatching to see if the Tove colours really are right for it.  There is some ability in the design for making changes to the colour flow.  But will my porecious |Tove deliver the very soft shadings?  

Such are the things my mind is occupied with as I finish up the very pleasing Point shawl.  No I am not going to fix those errors.  I will just live with it, and I will never point it out to anyone (except knitters).  No one else will ever know.  

PS:  National Sweater Day,  Turn down your heat, wear a sweater, save us all.

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Brendaknits said...

What a hoot the video is . I have sent it to all my grandkids and nieces and nephews.