Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Whine, whine, whine, whine, WHINE

Don't say I didn't warn you.

You will have noticed that there isn't any sign of Christmas knitting on this blog.  Mr. Needles adventures in knee problems have stalled any hope of that.

It isn't that I did not have some dreams.  I did.  I have yarn for them.  I wanted to knit our Christmas guests little guy Alex, a sweater.  He is only 3 so it wouldn't take long.  It was going to be a nice quick gansey in some utterly edible Fennel 5175 from Berroco's Vintage line.  Its just a perfect yummy looking thing and perfect for this sweet little boy.  This sweater might happen.  

I also had planned a Taiga Cowichan in cream and the softest prettiest blue green ocean froth colour  Donegal Luxury Tweed Chunky.  I was originally planning to make 2, the second in navy and crisp appley green, but I thought that might be weird.  More skeins arrived in the mail so the appley green will be another sweater, also planned originally to be knit before Christmas.

And there were supposed to be a family of socks for son1, daughter1 and sweet thing.  

With Mr. Needles surgery events followups and doctors appointments, blood work, and trips to the far side of the back of beyond to pick stuff up, I doubt any of it will happen.  

At this point, it is going to be a big deal to fit the turkey in.  For one thing there has to be time to shop for one.  Sigh

If anybody has a 36 hour day, that is what I want for Christmas.  


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Sandra said...

I think eveyone will understand if their gifts come next year some time. Family first. Get Mr. Needles healthy and on his feet, THEN worry about the other stuff.