Tuesday, 4 December 2012

One thing and another.

You know how I love delicate and the longer I live, the more enamoured I am with very simple things.  There is a project I have long wanted to do for its delicate simplicity.  

The project is a Churchmouse pattern.  .....

You have no way of knowing this, but a significant amount of time has passed as I whiled time away at the Churchmouse website.  Its a dangerous place.  They have new patterns.   They have yarn.  They have tea.  Sigh.  ...

OK, that is enough of this.  Focus.  I have puttered away 20 minutes looking at pretty things.  Not that that is unusual mind, but it doesn't normally happen while I am trying to write. (I was even distracted as I was editing just before publishing!  Its a lovely, lovely website)

This lovely Beaded Mohair Scarf  pattern has always spoken to me.  Utter simplicity.  Delicate beauty.  I have the yarn.  

Or I thought I did.  I bought 2 skeins of Punta which I thought were Punta colour HP71.  One isn't  

as you can see.  I think my remembery failed me when I bought the second skein. Sadly one skein isn't enough to do the little bit wider scarf I wanted, so I decided two row striping and damned the torpedos.

Using two very multi coloured yarns is often the path to complete annihilation (to continue the topredo analogy), but not so this time.  The 'torpedos' look pretty striking.  

My monitor isn't showing off the green as rich as it really is and it is beefing up the yellow gold, but up close, there are rich greens and rusty rosy colours that dominate.  Its really lovely.  

You can see the striping but just when you realize it is striped, you realize that it almost isn't.  Its harder to appreciate here, but there is enough of the yellow rusty golds in HP72 and enough of the greens in HP 71 that it works in the most magical of ways.  

Sadly, the beautiful Beaded Mohair Scarf is not what this yarn was destined to be.  The construction of the pattern is such that you start with a yarn over on every row (I think).  This doesn't work very well when you are two rowing yarns together.  I'll save my visions of delicate beaded beauty for another yarn.

So, what is this magical thing to be?  Just a nice wide stole to which I will attach some very fine light shell buttons and will proceed to wear the completed stole in the many ways that the gorgeous Wisp (Knitty, summer 07) is worn.  

So, back to winging it. Back to two rowing it. There seems to be a lot of the two rowing it lately.  It seems to work out so marvelously well.  And in the back of my mind, you know what I am thinking?  I am thinking that I have this lovely dark rich forest green Mission Falls 1824 Wool that would make a really great sweater to wear with this.  

Its never just one thing you see.  There is always the next thing on the horizon.  


Sandra said...

I'm working on a two row mistake rib scarf in a lovely squooshy mad tosh worsted. Yummy!

Christine said...

Oh no, I clicked on the Churchmouse link and now I have all these IDEAS for things I must knit before Christmas. So many great gift ideas on that website. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely even if the photo isn't true to color. GD.

Sel and Poivre said...

Ah the next thing indeed!