Thursday, 6 December 2012

What pleases me (and what doesn't)

I had to leave work yesterday to pick up Mr. Needles and take him to a doctors appointment.  Just the way things worked out, I drove home in the worst whiteout conditions I have ever seen.  If I could have found a place to pull off, I would have but it was so bad you couldn't see the side of the road.  It reminded me about reading about how long ago, they used to string a rope between house and barn, so they had something to follow if a big blizzard came up.  We think this never really happens, but yesterday?  Yesterday was a rope to the barn sort of day. 

I got home, made lunch and hunkered down.  I had a nap and knit and felt really awful because the poor person who was covering my desk over lunch, was left covering it the rest of the day.  Without lunch!

It did give me the chance to sit down and play with my current sweater knitting.  Not the green sweater, which I really would like to be working on - I haven't had time to go get another needle, nor even time to find the right sort of glue to fix what I have - but on my version of EZ's garter stitch Icelandic overblouse.

There are lots of things to love about this sweater.  It is simplicity itself.  It is colour gradients.  It is knit to fit.  But most of all, this.

This picture posted sideways.  It is much more striking if the orientation is correct.

These little dots of black.  Totally my favourite part of this.  Enough of a thrill that I am working furiously to get where I can make that happen again in the next colour.  Its a small thing I know, but it doesn't take much to make me happy.

See how pretty these wee dots look marching across the sweater?  Its very fulfilling.

I've just begun the sleeve increases.  its kind of interesting watching that happen.  I'd post a picture of it, but honestly, it is sideways too and would make you seasick.

(The other thing that would make me happy?  Photos that uploaded in their correct orientation.  You would think somebody out there in the great land of computer wizardry that is Blogger, would fix this.  But no.  Blogger is sure this is something we are doing, but all I do is copy the file from the camera to my photo file, no camera software, nothing.  It is right till Blogger gets hold of it)

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Brendaknits said...

Love that garter stitch overblouse - like you I love the gradient colours. AND - if you find any of those 36 hour days - send a few to Ontario.