Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Planning at the last minute.

Wow, this planning at the last minute thing is really working out!

Hat.  Done.

Oh, I know it needs a good wash so that the yarn can do its blooming thing and I know it needs a good shaping.  Those will come and will be aided by the power of my dehumidifier.  Who would have thought there was a good use for it in winter.

On to one final sweater.  Its already cast on and there is a little bit of the ribbing done.  I ought to get nicely into the body at lunch time, and then it is just a matter of knitting and knitting away till it is done.  It will be the same general sweater as the first little green sweater, your basic with a pouch, no hood.  No huge challenges but that is good.  

I also wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my Sweet Things mom and dad.  It is the first anniversary they have had where the anniversary did not involve flying half way across the planet!  

It has also been one year since my daughter1 arrived in Canada. We are so blessed.Congratulations Son1 and Daughter1!  What a year it has been.  

Sweet Thing is sending mommy and daddy a wave too!  (Perfectly still but that wee hand ?  Man can it move!)


Brendaknits said...

What a machine you have turned out to be. Sweet Thing is gorgeous.

Sigrun said...

Merry Christmas to you and family.