Thursday, 20 December 2012

The view out the window.

This job has one perk that I am really going to miss when it is done and that is, its east facing window.  

I've spent endless hours watching the sun rises and this pleases me more than I can say.  Its been a pleasure watching the sun crest from behind the building across the way, out of my view, somewhere off to the northeast.  

Its was a pleasure being blinded by the brilliant morning sun of early fall and late spring when it rises almost in front of me.  It crests the building across the way, and floods my desk with warmth and light, like a little blessing from on high.  I could stop that blinding bit by closing blinds, but it only last a little while, and I would sooner treasure the experience than miss it.  

It is a pleasure even now, in the darkest heart of our year, on what is almost the longest night of the year, watching the sun creep sluggishly from behind the horizon.  

I've been trying for weeks to take a picture of it, but it hides southeast of me, almost out of view from where I sit.  It hides its brilliance in the tree branches that block its solsticial rays, sneaking me but glimpses of it.  It defeats my little camera and photographic skills.

Shards of light shine are only here for a moment before they are gone.  It's okay, though.  Come Saturday morning, the whole magical arc, begins its long slow slip back to the north.  I'm looking forward to watching it wend its way again. 


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Sandra said...

as much as sunsets are gorgeous, I do love a good sunrise. It's proof of a clean start for the day. At our cottage we face west, so we see the setting sun in all it's glory, but I have kayaked out on the lake a couple of times in the dark (I know, oh, so dangerous...), but seeing the sun crest over our place was worth it. Must do that again soon...