Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I'm over that now.

I think I am over the chunky scarf thing.  
Not too shabby production for late Sunday till early this morning knitting.  Each one is one complete skein of Magnum, and is long enough to twist around your neck twice or your neck once and over your head.  Its just the right amount of snug for the head bit to stay whilst keeping the neck bit perfectly loose and comfortable.  And warm.  Just a few minutes and you are nice and cozy wearing these.  

I still have a few things I have to knit before Christmas can come.  Well you know what I mean.  I think it is doable though. 

I need to knit a toque for one person who I hope is coming to Christmas at our house.  I dug out the remains of Mr. Needles sweater from last year.  It's some Briggs and Little Regal and there is plenty for a nice knit 1 purl one ribby hat, where the brim can be rolled up far enough to give your ears double protection.   And if there isn't I have two balls.   

I'll be knitting on that at lunch and I hope to finish it up before I go to bed.  Then there is just one small sweater to knit, and that is eminently do-able before Christmas.  

Chunky scarves were a little unexpected but sure take the crunch time right out of the knitting.

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