Tuesday, 11 December 2012

It's the Yarn Harlot's Fault.

I'm done my Christmas shopping!  There are 3 things to pick up but that is just a matter of stopping at one store.  Hardly shopping at all.

But that still leaves 'things'.  Like this.  

I reworked the problem on the neckline( pulled tight to put in my bag.) and have only one row left before a nice super stretchy bind off.  I am forgoing the hood.  It isn't my fault.  No.  

Its the Yarn Harlot's fault.**

The deep dark stash holds 3 balls of such stuff, 3 balls of blue.  You will note that I am already prepared with needles and since I bought the pattern when it was new, I am set.  Lunch time here we come.  

I bought the pattern ages ago to knit Pretty Thing out of some Louisa Harding Kimono Angora.  At the time I did not own any short circs, and I was new to Bamboo dpns.  I had a horrid time keeping things in order and eventually frogged it.  I've fixed the needle shortage issue and now have circs in all sorts of short sizes.  I just haven't gotten around to knitting up the angora yet.  It might be the perfect thing to do between Christmas and New Years.

I think if I took a good look at the stash, there would be 2 balls of Kimono Angora.  Different colours if I recall right.  Maybe 2 things between Christmas and New Years.  

For now I will concentrate on this soft blue cashmere.  One small thing.  A nice evening of work.

I hope.

**Just in case, because weirder things have happened, Thanks for the reminder Stephanie!


Sandra said...

I've knit Pretty Thing - it's gorgeous and lovely and the perfect quick knit. Hmmm.... I have some cashmere that would be perfect...

Brendaknits said...

Pretty Thing is pretty indeed.We could blame the yarnharlot for lots of thing. Right?