Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Breaking out the old stuff

It isn't often that I get to say that with knitting, but on  occasion, I have knit things that do not get a lot of wear.  When they finally fit with something, no one is more thrilled than me.  Its like a whole new wardrobe without any work at all.

Not that this is amounts to a whole new wardrobe but it is something I knit quite a while ago and have seldom worn.  

I knit a simple ribbed scarf from a skein of the original Cotton and Silk from Misti Alpaca, pictured at the bottom here.  Its the warm purple.

This is probably the only photo of it.  This is from 2009.  None of the other yarns pictured here have been knit, though I have picked up more of the gorgeous red B&L Regal.

Back to the dusty eggplant. I knit the simplest ribbed scarf from this yarn, and really liked the feel of it.  However it was so softly spun that the yarn was fuzzing badly before I was done knitting it.  I'm not so sure that it would have worked for a garment.  Would have felt very nice though.  Scrumptious even.  The next iteration of this Misti yarn was very different.  

I never wore it.  Well, hardly ever.  I wore it once or twice that first summer and found it just too warm to have on my neck in summer.  I didn't really have anything to wear it with for winter.  

Well now I do and the weight and warmth of it are perfect.  I think I have worn it
3 or 4 times since I dug it from the drawer, each time with my Undercurrent sweater.  It is the perfect colour to complement the soft purples found in it.  
It fills in the neckline when I don't have anything high collarish, and keeps my back extra warm when the furnace here blows down the back of my neck.  

It adds such a different dimension to a wardrobe that is mostly black or navy with a spot here and there of colour.  It's neutral but so much more.  

So, my advice to you is dig out your old favourites and see what else they can be!  Also, knit an Undercurrent in a very multi yarn.  Best decision ever.  I love this sweater.

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Brendaknits said...

You are right. It is the perfect colour match. I bet they look gorgeous together. The sweater looks like the comfort food of sweaters. I can see why you love it.