Monday, 10 December 2012

Here it is Monday again

You know how when you go to sleep Saturday night, the last thing you think is 'Thank heavens there is another day to sleep in' and you wish there were more?  

Me too.  

It just feels as if there is never enough time.  It was made worse because I forgot to stop and drop off a Christmas tree at Son1's on Saturday so I had to drive back into town on Sunday morning to do so.  Had I not had to do this, I would have finished this:

It is the perfect sweater for a little boy, or rather, it will be soon.  Just the last few decreases to do and a quick little hood and voila, 1 Knitted present done.  

I might drop a few rows and change the neckline slightly.  I think I stopped the slope of the neckline too soon and now I have some awkward stitches that I am not quite sure what to do with.  That means I have to change the start of the hood slightly, but it isn't a big deal.  

I could work on cute rewarding little bits of knitting for sweet kids for a very long time before I get tired.  

The other sad news is that I have to redo the feet on Sweet Things wee overalls.  Somehwere along the line, her slender ankles have chubbied right up as babies feet will.  I thought it would take longer!


Sandra said...

chubby baby ankles are among my favourite baby parts... She is adorable!

Brendaknits said...

Looks as if we are up to theh same things these days. Dropping afew rows to make more perfect a knitted Christmas gift. Sweet Pea is gorgeous.