Thursday, 8 November 2012

The last few days

Its been a little sluggish over here at Chez Needles.  Our weather has been swingy and my hands are not enjoying it at all.  Still a little knitting each day makes the day immeasurably better.

I drove home with Mr. Needles last night, leaving my car in town.  The roads were atrocious.  It means that I am sitting here at my desk at work much earlier than the usual time.  It also means that instead of taking the measured approach to getting ready to leave, I stuffed.  

This is all the knitting related stuff that came to work with me today.  Silly really.  No matter how slow it is, I am not going to need 5 projects to work on.  

Yes 5.  there is a baby sweater at the back looking soft green-blue, two pairs of socks in a bag at the front, a large bag with something soft pink in it and, tucked almost under everything else, is what I really would like to start today.  

Dream in Colour Smooshy.  A cute little knitting pattern (that is going to have to be adjusted for a flouffier yarn, Darn it all) And Sweet Thing's overalls are on their way.  

Well, they would be, if it wasn't 8:00 a.m. and time to get to work for an employer.  Sigh, lunchtime you are so far away.  Sigh.

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Sandra said...

I do that ALL THE TIME. A weekend at the cottage? That's 4 socks, 2 sweaters, and a loom with enough fibre for 6 scarves.
you know, just in case...