Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Fatal flaws

I have just realized that my lovely Daybreak and Dawn shawlette, the one I am making based on Steven West's Daybreak,  needs to be ripped back.  

I had been wondering if I read the pattern right, since my general approach to 'reading' the pattern would be a lot more like general skimming of the pattern and last night, my worst fears were confirmed.  I am putting an extra decrease in the outermost sections.  The shawl is not the shape it is supposed to be.  I know this because I put it on longer needles and laid it out flat.  Where there ought to be a soft gentle curve, I have fugly wings.  

I do not want wings so I have to undo and start the striped section over.  I am heartbroken but not at all surprised, since I did not read the pattern, just a few lines here and there.  

Its taking a bit of a time out.  I found something else to do in the meantime.  

It looks like this, with a little of this

tossed in.  

Just a little garter stitch faggotting shaped into a very narrow seaman's scarf shape. I have plans.

P.S.  The yarn is Patons Silk Bamboo, a longtime occupant of the scarf yarn stash.  Feels nice, but very very heavy.

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Brendaknits said...

Fatal flaws -- fugly wings -- such great descriptive words. So apt too once I saw the picture. :)