Friday, 9 November 2012

Smooshy Goodness

Somewhere between these two pictures, is the true colour of Smooshy Aqua jet.

Too dark

Too pale.

But they yarn itself, in life is just right.  Perfectly little girl climbing a tree overalls.  

I have never used Smooshy before.  I'm generally so busy with earthy crunchy lowly processed yarns that I don't seem to search out these soft yarns.  I just don't get there without help.  

So I have a friend who helps.  A lot.  She leads me to deliciousness in a different way yarns like Madelinetosh and Brooklyn Tweed and most recently Quince and Co.  

I enjoy the trip to these things just as much as I enjoy Einband, Tove, Briggs and Little and my much beloved Mulespun from Custom Woolen Mills.  

I've still only found 1 yarn that I won't ever work with (The slipper stuff from Phentex) and I am not looking for more.  But show me yarns that are different than that one yarn...

I love yarn.  I think I always have.


Sandra said...

we are the same - I love me a rustic Briggs and LIttle, and adore a softer than anything silk/alpaca, as well as pretty much anything in between. BUt Phentex? Nope. That stuff is an abomination.

Brendaknits said...

I think I always have too. Icannot remember a time when fibre didn't interest me.

Brendaknits said...
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