Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Saturday monrings

You know how Saturday mornings are.  Get up make the coffee, stumble to study, find something to knit.  Slowly wake up.  

Usually when the find something to knit part arrives, I just pick up whatever is closest to my feet.  Last Saturday, I started a little different.  Last Saturday, I picked up a book. 

I picked up 'Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders'  a stunning addition to the One Skein Wonders series.  Cute stuff if you like books with all sorts of things in it.  Shawls, bags, scarves, baby things, hats, you name it, if it can be made with about 400 metres of yarn, this book has it.  

I had been thinking about knitting something for Sweet Thing.  Those wee socks were a lot of fun, and I wanted more of that instant gratification.  I knew there were some cute things in the book, and sock yarn is the perfect thing for little ones.  The yarn is so very wash and wear, just what mum needs when taking care of baby.  

I had this ball of pink, green and white Zauberball in  the deep Zauberball stash (All the knitters are snickering.  Sure.  They won't admit to having a Zauberball stash, but they have one just the same.)   It looked just like a flower, so I bought it many moons ago, long before Sweet Thing was on the horizon.  It was so girly, I never could decide what to do with it for me, but for Sweet Thing?  Oh yes.  

So I sat down and did a little lace and then knit straight for a while.

and then I did a little fancy footwork and got this

And then did it again but with a little slit in the back, and did a 3 needle bind off because it is easy and got this,

slapped on some really cute little lacy sleeves, some ribbing and two buttons and ended up with this.

Which was a pretty fine ending to a Saturday.  I did some manipulating to shorten and lengthen colour runs in the bodice so all colours were represented.  The extra was used for the back so that back and front match perfectly. 

The dress is the Fiesta Frock, and is sized for newborns to 3 months.  In actual fact though, there is a lot more there than 3 months wear.  The dress is short, like an old fashinoned baby dress ( Short so their cute little ruffly bum diaper covers could stick out) and rather wide. In fact, a newborn will drown in the dress, unless it is tied in the back with a bow to narrow the waist.  As she grows, she will fit the width and can wear it more as an empire waist sweater.  I expect she will fit it till almost a year.

But cute?  OH.  My.  Goodness.  And gratified?

Why yes. Yes I am.  

I am so gratified, I think I should do it again  this weekend.  Not the dress, though.  A wee girl only has so many occasions to wear a pretty little dress.  What this little girl needs is some overalls because as much as tea parties are important, sometimes you just have to climb a tree, you know.  Yes indeedy, a good pair of overalls is just the ticket. Even if she can't climb a tree.  Yet. 

Baby things rule.  


Brendaknits said...

Absolutely beyond cute. And such fun to knit, I'm sure.

Sandra said...

SO adorable! And every girl needs both pretty dresses and useful overalls.