Wednesday, 3 October 2012


After that little break of babies and very good things, I seem to be just a wee bit un-directed, directionless.  My head feels as if it is one of those really bad 70's movies where everybody is participating in the making of the film but nobody is actually in charge.  I'm having a wee bit of difficulty finding focus.

I sat in my study early this morning and looked at all my ongoing things, and just thought 'well'.  Not 'well there you have it' or anything which marked an end or a beginning or even a very nice middle, just 'well'.  

And then I picked up my black sweater and just started knitting it.  It occurred to me that it was likely time to measure its length and count the stitches and see just how much more knitting I should do.

So then I knit and counted and did some math, and a little more knitting, and felt a little better about the way the morning was going.  Knitting centers me and puts my thought on a path that has, more or less, just one direction and builds upon the last stitch done, the last row done, building up inches.  Oh sure there might be small rip backs, but even though that seems like going backwards, you really are going forward.  You made that mistake and you aren't going to make it again, correct?  (usually)  See? You are moving forward.  Getting this first thing into its rightful place felt really really nice.  

I popped everything into my big old knitting bag and came to work.  Here is hoping that I'll hold on to my early morning focus and that it will spread into the rest of my day.  

Because after that lack of focus the last two days, even this quiet job has stuff that needs to be done.



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