Thursday, 4 October 2012

A Big Cup kind of day.

Because there are some days where this isn't big enough

I move up to this.

 Its one of those soup mug things but this morning, if anything, it feels a little small for the coffee I am going to need to make the day.

I had no idea this baby thing would mess with my mind like this.  Yesterday was better, but still, I can't seem to stick to anything. (That is mess with my mind in that I look at everything for its baby potential, or its play value or what would make mommy and daddy's life a little easier right now.)

It isn't just baby things though.  I finished a sweater for my daughter in law that needs blocking and the lovely shawl needs blocking and there hasn't been time to do those. I knit on some socks.  There is a vest that needs a button band and it would be done.  I have knit on the black sweater and it is long enough to begin the bottom band.  And for all that variety and that finishing, I am bored to tears by those projects.  I really could use the finished products for work, though so I will tough it out.

I did bring something else to work for my lunchtime knitting to put a little oomph in my day.  I debated something new, but I voted for this instead.  It is so darn close to finishing.

This is my lovely Lilia Hyrna Shawl.  I do believe I put it down because of an error about 6 rows below.  Right now as is, I have 6 rows left.  I could cry.  I could really use this shawl for winter here at my sometimes chilly desk.  A shawl is as good as, and is often prettier than a sweater.  So, time to look, find the error for sure, decide if I can fix it by dropping down or if the fix is going to have to be ripping back 6 darn rows.

I am voting for dropping down some stitches and fixing the error.  The vote doesn't always go my way, though.

And that is why it is a big cup day.

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