Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Kept my hands busy, I did

I did indeed.  About a half of a usual sock (though I am going to go as long as possible with these).  I'm thinking of just knitting this tube on and on and when it is time, knit the other toe. With afterthought heels of course.   I'm debating if she will mind different toes.  If I give them away that is.  

I love this colourway.  Red Orange seceding into rust, to a narrow band of ragamuffin khaki, to pure olive brown green, to a wide band of green tweedy, to a solid and genteel band of green, to brilliant poppy orange and right back to blood red orange. It was the perfect thing to knit while waiting.  

When I left home this morning, (D'OH) I forgot to bring my sweater for knitting today.  So, its the sock or that pretty handbag I am working on ever so slowly.

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Sandra said...

I haven't heard the term ragamuffin since my Dad passed! (he used to call me that, a carryover from my tomboy days when I'd come home as filthy and raggedy as my older brother...