Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Way more knitting

Just the way the weekend fell, there seemed to be a lot of knitting time.  Seemed to be.  There really wasn't a lot of knitting.  

I did the big rip on the Lilia Hyrna Shawl, and completed it.  It wasn't just me though there was an error made rows below.  There were some chart issues too.  At first I thought I was just reading wrong, but no.  A chart issue.  

I haven't blocked it yet but as you can see, 

It looks pretty darn good.  For all that it is relatively simple it has such a pretty little edging. 

It is large and I anticipate some growth in the yarn when it is blocked.  

I blocked the Icicles Shawl that I knit and I gave it to Ludmila.  I am so pleased with it.

I will make this one again sometime.  Very very pretty.

I blocked my daughter in laws sweater too and gave that to her.  And grannies shawl (the Big Shetland)  had all her ends tucked in and was given to Ludmila to take to grannie.  It felt so good to give these things to their owners.  

Then after all that I finished knitting the body of the tweedy black thing I am working on.  I felt almost virtuous knitting on it when I wasn't really in the mood.  Feeling virtuous always makes me cranky, and I thought very seriously about knitting something new, but I needed faster gratification than that.  I dug out a WIP and  sorted out where I was on that and worked on it till long past bedtime.  It would be nice to pretend that it will be photo ready tomorrow morning, but not then.  Maybe Thursday.  

It was a weekend where there was much knitting, much visiting, much baby holding and oh my heavens, the eating... 

But that is done, and even though there wasn't a whole lot of knitting done, there was movement on many fronts.  This coming weekend, I hope for tons and tons and tons of knitting time.  Now it is time for my most favourite thing of all.  

The what is up next game!


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