Wednesday, 10 October 2012

It happens

Last night, my ball of yarn for the little shawlette I am working on now looked like this. It still had a lot of oomph in it.  Still one of the prettiest colourways ever.  Its a local dyers work, if I can find her online home, I will link for you.

I started worrying yesterday when I was midway through the glorious border I am knitting.  

I had reserved 1/3 of the yarn by weight.  I thought that it should be enough, but after yesterday rows, I doubt it.  The skein is getting perilously close to see through and I have 6 pattern rows and the bind off left to do.

Because I am double stranding, and because I have a stash worthy of a yarn store, 
I thought a while and realized I had an out.  I just needed to go stash diving.  Not too deep even.

I think if I strand one strand of this warm brown Classic Elite Silky Aplaca, I will get near enough to matching to tone of what I already have.  It does mean some work on the ball of course.  Since I wound the original skein double stranded, I have to un-double strand it and then re-skein it with the Silky Alpaca.  
I expect it too soften the colours a little, to mute them rather than turn them off.  I think the sample above shows how nicely this should work.  Can you tell which is the mix and which is the original?  

I say should work because it still is a plan and we all know how many slips there are between a plan and a finished project.  

Ooops.  Now how did that get in there ;P  We are just a little bit crazy in love with our young lady.  I promise not to flood you with photos.  It is pretty hard to resist, but I do promise.  This is a 'things' blog a knitting blog, not a grannie blog.  I am thinking of starting one though.  ;)

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Mrs. Spit said...

Please - flood away with baby pictures. Especially with her wearing hand knits!