Thursday, 11 October 2012

New project

I couldn't help myself.  I cast on last night for another wee shawlette.  But it is one I have been planning for ever and ever.

The yarn has been on my desk for months while I contemplated exactly how to do it.  The yarn is some Cherry Tree Hill Possum Sock yarn in yellow, orange, and pink verging to red.  I planned to use that one skein with some deep strong clear red Classic Elite Fresco to make Daybreak.    I have only 1 skein of the Possum Sock and that leaves me just a wee bit short of what I need to make the large size,   wee being about 60 yards short.

I figured that I had waited for inspiration long enough, so I cast on, even though I really have no idea how I want to do this.  That was, after all these months, the way I should have done it.

As someone remarked at knitting last night, there is a candy corn thing going on here, and that is not what I am hoping for.  I am very impressed with the way the orange and the multi Possum sock look together.  The yellow right up to the Possum Sock would probably be fine too.  Together?  Not so much.

So, I am probably going to pull back to the yellow and see if I like the way the yellow and the multi look and start knitting from there.  If I like it, I'll make the yellow longer to make sure I have compensated for the shortage of the multi and do a striping sequence to help blend the edges in even better.  If  the yellow isn't the right shade beside the multi, I'll start over with the orange.  The one thing I don't want is to have any interruption to my colour scheme where the yarn and pattern are going to show off their stripey souls.    

So the small new project is going to be stripes.  Seems to be a theme for me lately.


christine said...

Gulp. Oops, sorry 'bout that candy corn comment! I rather like the candy corn colours together, but I understand if that wasn't what you were going for. I think the multi will look great with either of the solids. They're all lovely, warm colours for a chilly day!

Brendaknits said...

Hee Hee. You are right in style. Oreo has come out with a candy corn cookie. You can wear your shawl while you eat.