Friday, 12 October 2012


I know I have started a new project.  I know that having finished a couple things and no really clear idea of what I want to do next is a dangerous time for me.  Still a little stash diving couldn't hurt, could it?

This is just a pretty picture of the bottom of a box.  I didn't stop to fondle any of these.  Really.

This is what I was after.  Or to be technically correct, the Manos Silk Blend multi is what I was after.  The maroon Silk Dream just sort of fell out of the box.

This pink Schoppell-Wolle In Silk fell out of the box right onto some needles.  I've never quite known what to do with this since it did not work out for what I purchased it for.  Its being knit into a Scrunchable Scarf.  The texture will really show off this rather stiff feeling pure silk and give it the depth, texture and sink your fingers into it-ness that it needs.

While I was in there, I dug into the Cascade 220 box.  There isn't sweater quantities of any of it but the brown (how that happened, I do not know) but I was thinking that these two colours could be used together quite nicely.  I have a single ball of a lighter gray if there needs to be a little something else to throw in the mix.  

It seemed a good idea to take a good hard look at my Briggs and Little Sport.  (When is it ever not a good idea to look at Briggs and Little?)  When I bought it in the spring, I had a burning desire for a sweater out of it.  Burning desires once stoked by touching the yarn, must be fed, or  they die and you are left with miles of useless yarn.  I thought it best to pull it out and at least wind it into balls. I'd really hate to be 'left' with miles of this stuff.

And, well, really if you are winding one part of the box, you might as well wind up the rest, to say nothing of the very strong urge to knit the navy and white into a  nice striped sweater.  Wide stripes, white at the collar and ribbing edges.  Nice yes?

This colour called Blue Jeans is for a wool shawl.  A friend did Miralda's Shawl with this same yarn (different colour) and it is a work of art.  It is wool weather, so might as well get that out too.

And then, in a box that has nothing to do with superwash yarns, I found the last remaining balls of Mission Falls 136.  They obviously need re-assigning to the kiddie box.

Which reminded me that I needed to dig out the cream Pacific that I had for a wee thing, that my sweet thing could wear.

Which reminded me of the Smooshy that needs winding for Pepita.  Now that I know how big baby is likely to be at Christmas, I can work on it for sweet thing.

And then I dug out the cream and pink Baby Cashmerino.  I want to make some pink and white striped pants and some mittens, booties etc.,  to go with the pink sweater I made before she was born.  

A little stash diving was a lot of fun but now there is wool all over my study.  I'll have to spend the whole weekend addressing that.  

Darn.  (not)

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Sandra said...

that's what happens when I stash dive. I go after one thing and find six others...