Thursday, 18 October 2012

Much better now!

Yesterday I felt very very blah.  I had no idea what to write and it shows.  Not the most inspiring thing I have ever written.  

And then, in one small moment in time, everything changes.  I started searching Ravelry in a way I never searched before, searching projects (down at the bottom of the search page, below the attributes search) using the tag colorwork.  Oh my.
Pages and pages of inspiration.

I stopped and looked at a few along the way and then, whammo.  My eye caught the pretty colours on this shawl.  Her version of the Color Affection Shawl.  A beautiful yarn choice, a stunning hot shawl pattern that is uniquely shaped, and she was not satisfied.  So she re-started, her way.  Isn't her way grand?  You can see the soul of the shawl pattern but everything else about it, everything about colour placement and choice is her own.  That was just exactly what I needed to read and hear.  What an absolutely gorgeous wrap.  

And then this morning, I was sitting and knitting on the wee baby surprise suit I am working on,
when I glanced to my table beside me.  I had a note there, about my very good friend whose daughter had a baby boy just 3 days after me wee sweet granddaughter was born.  In truth, though I am captivated by the knitting of all this garter stitch, I just am not in love with the colour.  The soft blue green is just not how I see my granddaughter.  (I see her in pink, and vibrant vibrant vibrant colours.  Eye popping colours, but mostly pink.  I am trying to get over it.)  It just wasn't bright enough for my little girl.  It isn't her mom or dad either.

But my  friend and her daughter?  Oh yes.  This is everything about them.  So, I decided to knit this one for them.  I'll do cream edgings and I might just do what one other knitter did, and do the edging in a stockinette stitch as at least one other bright knitter did, rather than garter stitch.  Very cute.  Very my friend and her new grandbaby.    

I have many other things I can knit for wee sweet thing.  For instance, this same project in the cream and a really really nice cantaloupe coloured skein of Pacific.  Perfectly wee sweet thing.  Or this yarn,
which a very good friend brought back from a trip to Los Angeles for me before wee sweet thing was born.  Two positively delicious skeins of Dream in Color Smooshy that I plan to use for cutest little footed overalls.  So sweet.  

I haven't settled on the next thing for me, though I might be ready to lean one way or the other, but it doesn't matter.  I feel inspired and refreshed and I owe it to random chance, a simple choice to look at things on Ravelry a different way and a very pretty rebel shawl.  

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