Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ukraine Babushka is off today.  I'm really sad to see her go.  Its been such a blessing for my lovely daughter in law, o have her mom here. Ah well.  

I confess to still being antsy.  I finished the black sweater, just ends to weave and buttons to put on and a little bit of blocking and we are done.  It looks great and used much less yarn that I thought.  I had 14 balls, and used 11.  At 85 metres each that comes out to a paltry 935 metres used.  How am I ever going to go over last years total of yarn knit if it takes so little to knit me a sweater.  I mean, its not like I am small and dainty or anything.  But gee.  I'll never make more than 21 at this rate.

Next year all lace, all the time.  Maybe that will help.

I have to clean a fridge, sort through the carrots, process some tomatoes, do laundry and then Mr. Needles and I are hoping to get the deep freeze cleaned.  I'm not hopeful for the last part.  I think aiming for Tuesday night will be just as good.  We shall see.  

Anyway, I just wanted to say to the world, I will miss you Ludmila, that lovely sweet thing we share will miss you, my son will miss your steady hand, and most of all your sweet daughter will miss you.  We'll make sure she makes out OK, I promise.  

Fair winds and following seas, Ludmila, all the way home and beyond.

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Sel and Poivre said...

What a lovely sentiment to send to your fellow grandmother!