Monday, 22 October 2012

Casting on

I cast on a couple of things this weekend, just because I could.  The first was the Icelandic Overblouse from Knit One, Knit All by EZ.  I don't want to knit this because there is a particular love for the sweater, but rather because it is there.  

The sweater is a big casual looking thing.  I'll give it a little shaping to fit me nicely, but it isn't meant to be a close fitting garment.  This is a Saturday sweater, a lazy bones, an over your pajama bottom sweater, a there isn't enough coffee in me to think yet sweater.  Its garter stitch and I could use a little garter stitch right now.  But I don't have the burning desire to have this sweater.  

No, it's that I could use a sweater that I am not planning for work, that is for just weekends.  Most of all, though, I am knitting this sweater to use up this yarn.  

I have a whole box of Cascade 220.  I assembled it all while searching for the right combination of things for Mr. Needles colourwork vest.  It isn't that it is not a great yarn.  These yarns are a casualty of the search.  I did not pick them out with any purpose other than the vest.  A whole bin of things with absolutely no inherent purpose in my stash?    I really don't have the room and I would much prefer it knit up.  So a nice easy on the brain sort of knit feels like just the way to go.  I'll knit till the black is half used (reserving the rest for the other side.  Yes in pieces.  Whodda thunk it.), then use half the dark gray and finish with the light gray.  There is plenty of yarn, trust me.

Then sweet thing was out and her mom could use another sweater.  When you come across the sea these days, you don't get to bring trunks of your things.  Just two measly suitcases with whatever you can fit so long as you stay under a certain weight.  Its atrocious really.

Anyway sweet things mom needs a sweater and since she is lovely and slender, and looks good in all the things I could never wear, but would love to knit, I am knitting Vera Valimaki's Still Light Tunic for her.  

The yarn is a discontinued sportweight from Elann.  Its a little heavier than what most people seem to use, but technically, about the same as the called for Drops Alpaca.  I can see making a second for her in Drops Alpaca, which surely is one of my favourite things to work with.  For now, I have this in my stash. We'll knit it to fit her nice and close on top, with that elegant easy fit on the bottom.  And the pockets!  I love the pockets.  Small needles, raglan sleeves.  This is another kind of easy good.

So much to do, so much to knit!  I love that. 

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Brendaknits said...

Garter stitch. Must be EZ. That is fun to have someone tot knit for that is the opposite body shape from yourself. You are right. It gives you a chance to knit all those garments you'd like to knit but cannot wear.