Tuesday, 23 October 2012

When I fall in love

OK, that was cheesy, but its a great voice to wake up to, isn't it.  It does however describe how I feel about this colour combination.  

I was very very unsure about the orange.  It is such a strong contrast to the deep deep red.  It might not suit a lot of people, this strong almost jarring combination, but the more I look at it, the more I like it.  The orange is a little more pumpkin than in the picture, a deep very very ripe pumpkin just brought in from the field, with a haze of dust on it that works perfectly with the orange in the multi colour.  It looks as if it dipped under that first crash of red and just and just flows right into a the multi.

The red is in the multi too, though it is not quite such a perfect match.  It is a hint lighter, just the smallest touch of a little bit dustier but in exactly the same colour.   Still it is a 'close' not an 'exact'. The red looks perfectly wonderful with the multi and the orange looks perfectly wonderful with the multi.  

Close up and in this picture, it is just off enough that you question and hesitate.  Is this right?

When you look from a distance, you know.  You know that you are knitting up fire and heat and the raging passions of all consuming...


And that is when you realize that you have fallen in love.  Even with its imperfections and questions, you love it anyway. you see its imperfections and they don't matter one whit.  You love it just as it is.

I love it more and more each time I work on it.  What a wonderful place to be.

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