Thursday, 6 September 2012

The 'real' Wednesday Post

Ok, now that my love fest with my sweater is over (it isn't.  I am wearing right at this moment.  I wore it all evening yesterday too), I can go back to my original posting for Wednesday.

With that sweater itch scratched, and the baby things generally out of the way till baby arrives, I have one more project that has a deadline for finishing.  My daughter in laws mom will arrive in Canada on the 21 of September.  (plenty of time)

Earlier this year, I searched for a yarn that felt a little Canadian, and was really unique.  I came up with Mooi.  Mooi isn't just unique, it is bison unique, and now discontinued.  Unique.    And it looks really really nice done up.  A friend knit a really beautiful shawl with it.  

There was a search for the perfect pattern for two skeins of Mooi, which is all that my yarn store had.  I also wanted it to be something a modern woman could wear to work, and wear out and about and for fancy wear. A big old fashioned square shawl just doesn't fit the day to day office world. I choose Icicles, from Susanna IC.  

I did one pattern repeat and worked on it a little everyday, till it was baby knitting time.  And then I got distracted.  And busy in the garden.  And it sat looking exactly the same for weeks.  

This is the most up to date photo, and as you can see, I have just one lace repeat left to go before the much speedier to knit stockinette portion.  I think I have one beaded row left before I stop beading.  I have enough beads, but the one thing I didn't like about this design was the beads running all the way up all the repeats at the one point.  So,  my plan for the last repeat is to stop beading the strong bead line, and place 2 bead rows in the section above the area that was only beaded in repeat one.  That's the plan for now.

I'm not anticipating this taking long.  I finally feel as if I have some sort of skill when placing the beads, and the stitches are decreasing in this last section.  I've also moved onto a set of 1 size smaller wooden needle tips, which means less fighting to keep the stitches on the needles min this delightful but slippery creation.   

Why not wood from the start?  I cast on with 5 mm needles and then was knitting on 4.5, which I don't have in wood.  The plan has always been to knit the body of the shawl with these wooden 4 mm tips.  

This lovely yarn and shawl pattern are once again my morning knitting.  There are no sunrises to accompany the knitting in the very early mornings any longer, but all fall mornings have their own kind of charm. 

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