Thursday, 27 September 2012


My son and daughter-in-law and her mom were at our house for dinner last evening.  We had the nicest of evenings.

We cooked, we ate, we drank, (but sparingly), we went into the hot tub.  Mum really enjoyed that.  Really really enjoyed that.  As our son said, a hot tub is an unknown luxury there.  You might find one in the very richest homes, but even then, the cost of the heat and more important, the cost of the water make it a complete luxury only for the extremely wealthy.  We have decided.  When mum wants to go into a hot tub, she will come to Canada!  :)  

(This blog is coming to the smiley emoticon stage of life.)

In among all the other delights of the day, I had my daughter in law try on the little striped sweater.  Its the tiniest bit snug right now, but that means it is perfect.  She is just very very pregnant and is the the tiniest bit puffy and ripe looking as is so common with very very pregnant women. Once it is blocked and she has lost the baby floufiness, it will be perfect.  I am very very pleased.

I had the very best time last night.  If you ever want to have a really good time in my world, find some Ukrainian people and kick back and relax.