Friday, 28 September 2012

And what about the knitting?

There has been so little knitting this week that I could cry.  There has not even been enough time to get the lovely shawl blocked and ready for giving.  Ludmila has seen it and felt it, but I could not give it to her undone.  

Last night mrdr schucked the last of the corn and I spent my evening putting it away.  My hands were too wet and corny to knit in between and I'm not even done yet.  

This weekend I think I will be able to squeak in some time to knit between getting the carrots and parsnips in and seeing if the turnips are any good to take in.  I fear they may be riddled with worms.  If so we will let them be.  Mr. Needles is going to work through the garden with his big tractor and they will get worked up then.  I almost wish they would be wormy, though that is rather bad of me considering they have been babied all year and it would be nice to get something out of them.

Gardening, on the scale to keep yourself in vegetables for a whole year, takes a lot of work and yet, I wouldn't give it up for the world.  I love that we can do this to provide for us.  There is comfort knowing where it all comes from, but mostly, it is just the idea and the knowledge that we did it for ourselves, that we put it in the earth and took care of it and worked along with mother earth to make these things come into being in this place.  There is such a sense of balance and of our place in the world eating this way.  It is the same feeling that drives and fulfills my knitting. 

Its been a long summer, and I learned a lot, but I am glad it is over and that I can go back to all knitting.  Well except for the spinning and some quilting I want to do.  But mostly the knitting.  

Always the knitting.   

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Brendaknits said...

I like the 'idea' of having a garden way more than actually having a garden. So I feel your pain.