Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Knit, Knit, Knit, Too

More weekend knitting.  And more and more.  I knit a lot last weekend.

I knit on the Adrift sweater for my daughter-in-law.  I'm to the stage where I worry about running out of yarn.  

That I feel I am running out of yarn means that both sleeves are done, and I am on the body!  But I am really worrying about running out of yarn.  I have only enough of the gray for 1 more gray stripe, and I have enough of the blue for 2.  This is perfectly right, because I am just starting on a blue repeat.  

I had hoped for just a little more length than I am going to get.  Each pair of stripes gets me 3.5 inches of length and on completion there will be 3 sets of stripes under the arm.  The length of the sweater, from the underarm will be just a touch more than 10.5 inches.   That is a little shorter than I planned.  Shorter than perfect.  Shorter than in my dreams, so...

I will run out of yarn.  Sigh.

The upside is that even though it won't be long enough for draping fully over baby when she nurses, it will be long enough for a stylish sweet sweater.  Here is hoping that she likes it.  

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