Monday, 17 September 2012

Knit, Knit, Knit

It was a very busy knitting weekend.  

This lovely shawl is looking very very (very) nice. I love the way the desinger put the soft slope into what is an otherwise straight lace.  Fantastic.  

And the drape?  Oh my.  It is fantastic.  I hope Ludmila likes it.  

At the same time, if all I knit on was that, I would go crazy.  It isn't that it is so fine.  It isn't that it is lace.  It isn't that it is stockinette.  Nope.  None of these.  

There is a deadline on it.  I hate that.  I don't like feeling pushed in this.  I don't mind deadlines in work.  That is OK.  It marks an end, but in a knitting project, deadlines should only be my own internal ones.  This projects deadline is marked by her arrival on the 21st, though why the arrival date is my deadline, I do not know.  She will be here 3 weeks so I guess, I do have those days too.  But I don't want to clutter those days with knitting like this.  I want to be able to not think about my knitting while she is visiting and when baby is new.  

(I wonder if she is as excited as I am about this whole grandmother thing?)

I won't run out of time on it at all.  It is going faster than that, but I find that I don't feel like knitting on it as much as I would without the deadline.  I work on focusing on how fantastic the drape of this is and how wonderful it feels. It helps, but I wish it helped more.   

Did I mention the fantastic drape?  

There are two skeins of yarn left in RCY's snazzy new westside store, different colours than what I am knitting.  I almost bought them after working with this.  I've resisted so far and bought of bunch of other stuff instead.  I am not so sure I will remain strong next time.

And did I mention the fantastic drape?  

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Brenda said...

Hee Hee - Yes you did mention the drape. It is very lovely. I am sure it will be loved by the recipient.