Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Knit, Knit, Knit Threeeeeeee

Yes I know.  

I did a lot of knitting last weekend.  There was none of the veggies stopping me.  I'm saving that for weeknights.  

Mr. Needles is always getting after me for slopping coffee as I go down to my study.  And yes, there is a trail.  I watch and do try to tidy after myself, but it doesn't show up right away, not in the early morning light anyway.  (My sisters are laughing right about now, and so is my mom. I doubt that Mr. Needles finds it at all funny.  Sigh.  My failings laid out before the blog.)

One of my kids gave me a Tim Hortons Teapot a couple years ago for Chirstmas.  I love this little teapot and am going to start using it for my early morning forays with coffee.  The bonus is it holds two cups of coffee but by the time the first is drunk, the second is cold.

Obviously I need a tea cozy. Umm, coffee cozy.  

So I dug in the bin of leftover yarns, and sorted out some fibre that was thick enough to do the job without having to felt.  

I found the better part of a skein of Briggs and Little Country Roving in black, and a nice red bulky and the smallest bit of the crayon coloured Noro Wadaiko that was  showing only the reds, purples, and the littlest bit of turquoise.  It was only enough to do 2 stripes, so the last has a bit of other turquoise yarn and a tiny scrap of plain purple. 

I might redo that last stripe.  My early result is the teensiest bit too short to reach the table (and for prime heat holding, it has to reach the table), but for Sunday morning, it did the job.  I will likely reknit from the decrease line up, adding in another two rows, and then reknitting the top sans coloured stripe.  

But on this one, trust me, I won't run out of black yarn.   

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