Thursday, 20 September 2012

Back to real time

The plethora of things I did on the weekend allowed me to write up the last few blogs in one sitting and goof off all week.  So far.  This one is live.  Knitting photography as of this a.m. live.

I was very busy working on the shawl.  I've just added in the second ball of yarn and you see the stitches between the sections of purple cable?  Those are all that remains.  It looks like three lace repeats to go for the stockinette section.  These are getting to be longer and longer rows and after each 5 stitches you add in, you work 4 rows of plain stockinette.  That is what gives this particular shawl its lovely gracious shape.  Which you will see soon.  I only wish you could feel it.  

Then, when I should have been knitting on the pretty Woobu sweater for my daughter in law, I have been goofing off and working on this for me.

I'm going to do a shawl collar on it, and I think short sleeves.  Short sleeves because I think they work well at my current work, and because, yes indeedy, I think I will run out of yarn!  

That does rear its head here quite a lot, but this is a valid run out fear.  I had 14 balls at the start of this, and in knitting this far, I have used almost 5.  I am only an inch or so below the arms, and I want, no, need it to be at least as long as the really nice striped sweater (which is being worn a lot.) With all the extra yarn needed for the collar, I'm pretty sure that I am not going to have the yarn I would need for full sleeves.  If I do, I will likely go with long sleeves, but only because I really don't want to have one ball of something left when it could be all used up.

That is getting to be a theme of mine...which I will disscuss another day.  And finally, a shot of my work space.  

When I came it was pretty spare.  It matched the more modern and uncluttered personality of my sweet niece whose maternity leave I am covering.  I am not so uncluttered a person, and seem to acquire...ummm, stuff.  I keep a large jug filled with coffee near me (yes back to it and no headaches!) and it was making my desk go all coffee spotty.  I knit and felted a little sample way back, when I was learning stranded colour work.  It was going to be a bag, but it never quite happened.  I came up with the bright idea of a coasters large and small for my desk.  Looks rather smashing, don't you think?

The little Knit Happens sign was given to me by one of the ladies in our Friday knitting group. It fits and will stay here as long as I stay here. I'm very very happy to have it!  

Makes me feel right at home to be surrounded by all these good things.  Now if only I could fit my spinning wheel here, and maybe a little stash in the supply closet...

Oh to dream because you should see the size of this supply closet.


Brendaknits said...

Your in laws are lucky people. And BTW - I have that same tea pot and love it. And have always been going to make a cozy for it. You have inspired me.

Sandra said...

Knit Happens, Indeed... love the felted mats - waht a great use for swatches