Monday, 10 September 2012

After an Eeeeek

After an eeek event, there is always a rush of adrenaline and there is energy to spare.  I did not know that happened in knitting.  It does.  

I made big strides on the lace on the weekend.  I'm now to the point where the non lace short rows start and each row is shorter and shorter.  The knitting is going to be much faster now.  I'll be fine.

Its such a scmusch of softness.  Really really lovely stuff.  I didn't know lace would be sink your fingers into it good, but oh yes.  It was horrendously expensive, in the normal scheme of events much to expensive, but for this?  For this, well worth it. Uniquely Canadian for a wonderful Ukrainian mother.

And laid out a little so you can see the very pretty but relatively simple design.  Good things are so often simple.

And then, I had a lot of time in between and around all the other stuff the weekend was made of.  Adrift is coming along nicely.  I would be a little concerned over the weight of the fabric.  It doesn't look very drapey here, does it?  Not nearly so much drape as the lace weight it was designed for, and yet, I know that with the full weight of itself and the unstructured nature of this design, it will be just fine. 
Bamboo always drapes so elegantly.

I really like the way the stripes look so far.  At first I thought the width of the stripes was going to be important, but looking around at online catalogues, there are stripes of all kinds.  Stripes and colourwork and colour blocking are the in things.  I went with a nice 12 row repeat.  It feels pretty balanced.  14 sounded like too many somehow.  I hope it looks fashionable in her eyes.  

I hope it fits.  This knitting for slender tall people is very new to me.  Kind of fun.  Fast.

And that is what happens with a spurt of adrenaline, a hundred other tasks and a weekend.  

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