Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Out of left field

I wore one of my favourite knits to work yesterday.  

I wear this one a lot to work.  It goes with almost everything I own.  It is understated.  It is simple.  I love it.

With the return of September and cooler weather, I've been wearing everything in my drawer.  About mid morning I noticed something funny.  Well, not funny at all.  I could have cried.  

And then, I looked a little closer.

I wanted to cry but I was at work.  This happened over summer, right there in my dresser drawer, the one place I don't do serious preventative treatments for moths.  I even went through the drawer a few times over summer to stop something like this from happening. There was lavender in the drawer.  I just didn't want to do mothballs right there in my room.

I'm a little devastated, but the damage is fixable.  And everything in that drawer, everything that lives in my room has been gone over with a fine tooth comb.

I'm feeling just a little bereft right now.  Its what happens when you live in the bush. And from now on,  even the completed knits are going into plastic when they are not being worn.

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